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 Choose the Storyline

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Which storyline is better?
Story A
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Story B
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Story C
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None Of The Above
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PostSubject: Choose the Storyline   Choose the Storyline I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 22, 2009 7:17 am

Story A by Near~
My idea: So, we as a group of people were walking down the street from a party.
Along the way, we encouter a single zombie on the outskirts of the city.
(I don't think he's ever on), being the dumbass that he is, goes up to
it and gets kidnapped. We run like scared rabbits into a military shop
and stock up.
(Story to develop later)

Story B by KokiKariya~
I think that we should be classic and have the zombie appear in a
graveyard or out of one of those graves by the side of the road. I,
being the chronic zombie-phob., would probably freak out and scream
that it was going to rape us. Damn it, Ocarina of Time, you and your

Story C by NeoMars~
late at night
First scene: We see a boy/teen(tristan) collecting
fire wood for himself as a survivor of the already 10 days into the
zombie outbreak so many people have been infected.
-he hears a snaping twig and realizes he is not alone, turns his head and sees zombie.
-starts running and trips and breaks ankle trapped by more upcoming zombies from the back and front
-as the zombies close in on tristan he raises his arm and his head(zombie) is blown away
-camera turn and we see Austin Allen and Mario with austin his pistol facing forward steaming and game begins
-tristan saved and taked back to base
-inro: Austin (leader) Allen (weapon specialist) Mario raining (facilitor)
-story is told of how the outbreak came to be by Nero(main bad guy)
he sent of a missle or something with zombie virus that turns people to zombies
(Add on)
ok so later the new 4 go out to city to fight and meet kyleighly (sry
if i spelled it wrong) and alissa and we fight side by side. an
unfortunate event happens and tristan is captured. unable to save him
we go back in retreat. later going out for a distress signal from 2
other members of our group (zach burgin and andrew) whose group was
over run and killed we meet up with an opposing team (isaac, sonia and
zach hillie). after a long stare down and almot gun fight between the
two leaders (austin and isaac) zach b and adrew come running fighting
off zombies. the two teams join forces to survive and become one big
group with 10 members now.
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Choose the Storyline
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