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 This will always be bullshit to me.

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This will always be bullshit to me. Empty
PostThis will always be bullshit to me.

My parents are acting like children, expecting me to take their side
regardless of what I feel. When I choose to stay neutral, they treat me
like the devil and make me generally feel like shit.
I tend to lean
toward my father's side, and my grandmother thinks I do this just
because he's my father. That isn't true. It's because she's denying the
truth, saying she never said something, etc. My dad has a solid point,
so I make that clear and I try to take some of my grandmother's points
into consideration as well.
When the argument is over and done with
(or so I think) my grandmother waits about an hour or two, gets up from
bed, comes to the computer room and tells me something like 'I'm not
important to you, I just won't talk anymore.' just so I feel miserable
for taking leaning toward the reasonable side.
It's bullshit.
This happens about three times a week.
And people wonder why I'm so down and tired and paranoid during the day.
she comes over more than once to say the same thing, so I have to be on
watch all the time. The arguments are usually started over something
about my brother (like his room) then explode into general mudslinging.
Yesterday one of my parents called the other 'unimaginative, not
creative whatsoever, and a bore to talk to'.
A low blow that they denied today.

Sometimes I feel like I'm the only mature person in this house and that's not saying much.

(Copypaste from my dA journal because I just don't want to write it again)

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This will always be bullshit to me. :: Comments

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This will always be bullshit to me.

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