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 PC: Super Smash Flash 2 Demo v0.5b

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PC: Super Smash Flash 2 Demo v0.5b Empty
PostSubject: PC: Super Smash Flash 2 Demo v0.5b   PC: Super Smash Flash 2 Demo v0.5b I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 05, 2009 7:48 am

Game Site: http://www.mcleodgaming.com/games.php

Download v0.5b
Windows- http://www.mcleodgaming.com/downloads/SSF2DemoV0_5b.zip
Mac- http://www.mcleodgaming.com/downloads/SSF2DemoV0_5b_mac.zip

Update 0.5b has been completed! I've fixed many of the
major issues with v0.5a as well as taken the time to add many requested
features. Here's the list of noteworthy changes:

- Stock glitch fixed on character select screen (Your stock should come out correctly now)
- Hitstun/Hitlag has now become more evident (will be adjusted in future versions)
- Kirby hats added (Currently only to specific frames)
- Short hop added (just tap jump button to short hop)
- Ledge attacks added
- Grab pummeling added
- Beam Sword and Home Run Bat added
- Item toss behavior modified slightly
- Items can now be reflected
- Fan now chargeable and can break shields
- Catch items in mid-air (air dodge and press standard attack button)
- Slight AI modifications
- Smash Ball Updates:
Camera focuses on it, tossed items damage it, projectiles damaging it
is fixed, capability to knock the smash ball from a player fixed, and
smash ball movement behavior changed
- Clicking the controls info when match is paused will hide them
- Air dodging behavior fixed
- Ability to jump out of shield added, and momentum is now conserved when running and shielding
- Grabbing while running added
- CPU match pausing issues fixed
- Massive damage increase glitch fixed, getting stuck between attacks no longer causes too much damage
- Ledge grab behavior modified slightly
- Better shield breaking behavior
- Ground dodge behaviors modified
- Improved handling to keep you from walking/dodging off ledges
- Sonic's spin dash control improved
- Modified character rotation behavior on slopes
- Twinkle added to Smash Attacks for effect
- Link can now catch his boomerang and direct the throw
- Effects now pause along with everything else
- Various other sprite changes and character stat adjustments

Notes: Even though there are two new
items, please be aware that the coding for them is still in its early
stages. (Hence why there is no home run bat smash sound effect for

Also be aware of two things: 1) The music
isn't going to loop properly until a later demo and 2) I had to make
some changes to the camera to make it behave properly so it will feel
different from what you've been used to. I will be adjusting it in a
later demo.
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PC: Super Smash Flash 2 Demo v0.5b
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