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 Game Features

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PostSubject: Game Features   Game Features I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 05, 2009 6:10 am

So people have been asking me about the features of this game like Survival Mode, Stage Mode... etc.

And now here are some features of this game.

Control Settings
You can set the controls for your computer in order to play the game.
There can be 4 humans. And it's possible to use a game control.
The controls are listed below:

V.S. Mode
This mode is for practicing and fighting with your friends/computers.
There can be a total of 8 characters in different teams.
There are 5 kinds of teams:
-Team 1
-Team 2
-Team 3
-Team 4
When you put people for independent, they are againsing everyone.
When you put them for teams, they will be on the same team.

Stage Mode (Story Mode)
You can choose this mode if you want to know the story and get the code to the secret characters. There can be a total of 8 characters all in the same team.

Survival Mode
There is a total of 99 levels and it won't end.
See if you long you can last.

1 V.S. 1 Championship
If you want to see who's the strongest, you can use 1 vs 1 championship to play.
It's like a RPG, and at the end there will only be 1 winner. A total of 8 Chatacters (Must)

2 V.S. 2 Championship
If you want to see who's the strongest as a team of 2, this is the right mode. A totla of 8 characters/4 teams (Must)

Battle Mode
More than 300 computers (not humans) can fight at the same time. In two teams with 8 leaders, you can fight against the other team and kill a lot of people.

See AI characters fight each other.

Playback Recording
If you record a fight, you can post it on Youtume or any other video hosting sites. Won't work in Network Mode.

Network Mode (You can still play the modes above)
You can enter an I.P. address of your friend and play together. But your friend must be in Network Mode waiting. It's going to be slow depends on the distance between you and your friend. A maximum of 8 humans can play (Not recommended because it's going to be veeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyy slow.

-Written by allenallenallen DO NOT COPY
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Game Features
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