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 Nintendo Pioneered Downloadable Gaming

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PostSubject: Nintendo Pioneered Downloadable Gaming   Sat Dec 12, 2009 11:41 pm

No, I'm not lying.
No, I'm not trolling.
Quote :
Did you know that Nintendo was one of the pioneers of the concept of downloadable gaming. Don't believe us? Bear with us while we give you a brief history lesson involving two little known Japanese Zelda games...
Towards the end of the SNES's life, Nintendo released a new hardware attachment in Japan called the Satellaview. Retailing for little more than the price of a new game, the Satellaview (or BS-X as it became more commonly known) was a satellite-based modem that allowed owners to download game content to a memory pack that came with the deluxe version of the add-on or could be bought separately.
To access the download satellite, players had to have a subscription to the St GIGA satellite radio station. Game downloads were only available for a three-hour period each day, and these download periods were supplemented with quizzes, the latest news about videogames and a fair amount of adverts for other products.

Full article:

I find this mind-boggling.
And the crazy thing is, the games released through satellite contained live voice acting.
The Zelda games.
Contained live voice acting.
On the SNES.

My God.



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PostSubject: Re: Nintendo Pioneered Downloadable Gaming   Thu Dec 17, 2009 12:16 am

Wow, there are some legend of zelda games in that article!

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Nintendo Pioneered Downloadable Gaming
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